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Tap&Go Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Demonstration

Tap&Go EV is developing a focused electric vehicle charging solution that supports mass deployments of chargers for utilities and municipalities. The objective of this project is to develop and demonstrate the first electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that enables effortless real-time, authenticated pay-per-use, and open access public charging to directly connect charging infrastructure with users’ utility accounts.

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Chasing the Sun

Tap&Go EV extends warm congratulations to the accomplished SFU Engineering students on completing their Capstone Projects. As a proud sponsor of Team EVPP (Electric Vehicle Power Products), Mark was present at the SFU Capstone Showcase on August 4th, eagerly observing the end results of their innovative EV Charging Pod and Solar Canopy Project.

The surge in electric vehicles (EVs) has presented a significant burden on local power grids, as the demand for charging reaches unprecedented levels. This challenge is further exacerbated by the scarcity of remote charging stations within the existing infrastructure. As electric vehicles have become more popular, the need for off-grid charging solutions is becoming more noticeable. Providing alternatives for charging off the traditional grid is essential to accommodate the growing prevalence of EVs and ensure their convenient use.

To address these challenges, EVPP’s project involved building an off-grid solution comprising 3 sub-systems:

• Solar Tracking – Designed to trail the sun’s path, the panels adeptly trace and tilt toward the direction with the most potent sunlight, guided by a worm gear assembly and motor-driven gears. Controlled by a regulating board, this system smoothly pivots with the aid of universal and ball joints.

• Solar Canopy – Capable of expansion to enhance solar capture area, the design incorporates an LDR photoresistor to replicate the sun’s tracking mechanism.

• Controller – Controls the power flow to charge a phone baXery, emulating a car baXery scenario, while also supplying the necessary power for the motor’s operation and tilt control.
With such creative and ground-breaking concepts displayed at the event, there is no doubt that a promising future lies ahead for these aspiring engineers.

Olu Fowowe Secures Second Place at AWS Deep Racer Event

Tap&Go EV would like to extend a warm congratulations to our Chief Architect, Olu Fowowe, for his impressive second-place finish at the AWS Deep Racer Event in British Columbia! 

The AWS Deep Racer Event is an excitng competition where developers of all levels can delve into the world of Machine learning. Participants are tasked with creating machine learning models to navigate autonomous race cars around a dynamic track in a cloud-based 3D racing simulator.

Olu’s accomplishment highlights his commitment and capacity to embrace and master new programming concepts. CongratulaLons once more, Olu! The Tap&Go Team is incredibly proud of this achievement.

Government of Canada announces $18.5 million investment for 2,416 EV chargers in BC

Also part of today’s funding announcement was Tap & Go and 7-Eleven Canada. Tap & Go, a developer of residential and commercial EV charging stations received $2 million to “develop innovative electric vehicle charging infrastructure that directly connects with users’ utility accounts.” 7-Eleven Canada received two grants of $49,000 each, but no details were provided on what exactly the funds will be used for, although the company is installing 500 DC fast chargers at 250 stores across Canada and the US.

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Canada just gave this province $18.5M to build thousands of electric vehicle chargers

“Through the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration Program, NRCan provided a $2-million investment to Tap & Go to develop innovative electric vehicle charging infrastructure that directly connects with users’ utility accounts. The project will also generate data for utilities to better understand and forecast EV adoption and power demand,” the ministry said.

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British Columbia to Receive 2,416 New Electric Vehicle Chargers in $18.5M Investment

BC Hydro will lead the largest DC fast charging project with plans to install 56 Level 3 chargers in various locations across British Columbia thanks to $2.95 million in funding from the federal government. Tap & Go and 7-Eleven Canada also received funding from the investment, with Tap & Go receiving $2 million to develop innovative EV charging infrastructure that connects directly with users’ utility accounts.

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