Tap&Go’s upcoming advanced EV solution demonstration project

L2 Charging in Minutes for Fleets and Private Vehicle Owners anywhere there is a standard 110V outlet
Utilizes 10 KWh integrated storage to suppliment active line draw to achieve L2 performance
Mobile charging for multi-dwelling units or shared parking
Safely secures to the vehicle tire
Solar compatible for direct sun to vehicle charging, even roadside
Enables simple solar to home connections with integrated DC inverter

Key enabler for   ev roadside assistance supporting charging wherever your car is



integrating sustainability like never before

Solar Oasis

Your personal sun powered fuel dispensor 

With the integrated inverter, the EZEV quickly converts DC input from a solar system into usable AC current at either 110V or J1772 outlets.  The integrated energy storage also can be recharged by DC connection, enabling direct”sun to vehicle or home” supply.

Solar roadside

say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to unlimited 

With a solar oasis umbrella, you can take the EZEV on the go and charge roadside wherever the sun shines.  With generation as fast as 5kms per hour of direct sun, you will never get stuck… for long.